Influenza Antivirals Inc.

Dr. Busath is exploring whether to launch a small company to develop influenza anti-virals. If animal testing confirms cell culture and electrophysiology studies, he may go forward. Parties interested and qualified to partner with Dr. Busath serving as Chief Executive Officer for such a venture are encouraged to contact him. Qualifications include extensive business leadership experience in the pharmaceutical arena.

Flu Kit Inc.


This entrepreneurial project invites an association between business experts and scientists. Kelly McGuire and Dr. Busath welcome offers to partner in a small startup company to create and distribute flu kits for preparedness-minded consumers.

Collaboration Opportunities

Dr. Busath welcomes collaboration inquiries from fellow scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and businesses interested in solving problems of influenza infection or chronic pain.
Currently, the progress on the anti-influenza agents warrants serious consideration of a spin-off company, and potential CEOs are welcome to contact Dr. Busath by phone or email.

 The chronic pain project is entering its second stage, where a 10-day double-blind study of subjects with ideopathic peripheral neuropathy using Calmare or TENS, is being done with fMRI measurements before and after the treatment periods. Potential collaborators who would like to help with the interpretation of the resting state fMRI data should also contact Dr. Busath by phone or email.